• Assemble relevant documents

    The initial step in an evaluation of your current commercial lighting environment involves collecting your maintenance and utility bills covering the past 12-month period to make available to our audit team. In addition, facility floor plans and drawings will be required.

  • Access and document facility layout

    An on-site visit is the second step in an audit, performed as a walk-through at your convenience during working hours. Our audit team requires access to all areas of the facility being audited, where highly trained eyes take measurements, readings and photographs.

  • Assess current fixtures

    During the on-site consultation, our skilled audit team will conduct a complete inventory of the lighting area dimensions and square footage; fixture quantities, locations and mounting heights; lamp types, quantities and wattages.

  • Review government requirements

    Go Beyond Lighting is fully informed about compliance, existing and upcoming legislation that creates mandates and offers energy-saving alternatives. We’ll review federal, state, county, and city policy requirements with you and discuss all products that are impacted by such legislation. For more information on incentives and rebates, please refer to that section.

  • Develop understanding of lighting needs

    Our goal is to provide you with an efficient combination of business value and reduced energy consumption. Our experts will gain a comprehensive understanding of all the details of your lighting wants and needs. Only then will we commence the design of a customized solution with pricing options that consider present and future requirements for your growing or changing business.

  • Build future state model

    Using state-of-the-art photometric modeling technology and data, Go Beyond Lighting evaluates distribution and fixture choices that affect how light is spread throughout the workspace as well as how objects cast shadows. We analyze fixture specifications, explore cost and savings opportunities, balance economics with sustainability, and determine alternative future state models to present maximum ROI for your approval.

  • Review budgetary constraints

    Go Beyond Lighting has flexible payment models to suit all budgets and time frames. We utilize an innovative turnkey project management solution known as Lighting as a Service (LaaS). This comprehensive customer-oriented approach has no upfront cost, potential for off-balance sheet treatment, and covers ongoing maintenance. We can illustrate in full detail why LaaS is the number one choice among our customers. Alternatively, we can provide financed sale and cash purchase details for your consideration.

  • Complete customer approval

    Once we establish the payment plan that suits you best, the customer approval process is simple and straightforward including financial documentation, underwriting, and contract finalization. You’ll soon be on your way to implementation of environmentally–friendly, cost-efficient lighting – with zero upfront cost.

  • Re-visit measure and verify

    Go Beyond Lighting uses an industry “best practice” approach that considers engineering accuracy as well as practicality. Measurement and Verification (M&V) for each specific lighting project provides stakeholders with a cost-effectiveness analysis. The M&V establishes a consistent method for quantifying performance by comparing actual energy consumed by the facility to the predicted energy consumption developed during project design.

  • Review maintenance options

    Following installation of your high quality LED lighting system, Go Beyond Lighting provides ongoing service and maintenance, eliminating your need for additional suppliers. Our comprehensive LaaS plan includes a simple monthly payment; various 3-7 year term options are available.

  • Determine quantity and location

    Go Beyond Lighting has a unique combination of integrated manufacturing and design ability to provide the best quality products. Equipment always meets or exceeds strict quality standards to benefit your Bill of Materials.

  • Deliver raw materials

    We manage the manufacturing, sourcing, storing, shipping, and delivery process to deliver high-quality metal and components quickly and accurately, ensuring your project is
    kept on schedule. 

  • Assemble fixtures

    Your order is filled with the most reliable products. We source the best components available, and have strict quality standards to ensure proper assembly in line with the install plan. All of our products are UL Certified, and many are DLC Listed.

  • Conduct initial facility review

    During the on-location initial review at your facility, we’ll develop a roadmap for the project, covering its scope and the essential issues around your wants and needs for energy-efficient, sustainable lighting.

  • Finalize installation plan

    Customer focus is key to the Go Beyond Lighting philosophy. Our team of skilled lighting professionals brings more than 30 years’ experience in high efficiency lighting design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. We appreciate that customer productivity is essential, so we prioritize around a promise to eliminate or minimize downtime.

  • Execute installation plan

    Installation is an important phase of the lighting project. Your dedicated, highly experienced project manager plans and performs every step in the most secure and efficient way possible. From the height of your ceiling fixtures to the color of your wall paint, we manage an installation process that makes every dollar work for you.

  • Formal customer walk through

    Our joint on-site walk through ensures your complete customer satisfaction. Go Beyond Lighting uses electronic Kanban as a quality check, an effective tool in inventory-control systems and the supply chain, as first introduced at Toyota in the 1940s.

  • Measure and verify

    Post-installation, every aspect of M&V is carefully reviewed and noted to compare and confirm that ideal performance is delivered throughout.

  • Ongoing maintenance

    Congratulations on your modernized lighting system installation! Going forward, Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is designed to manage repairs and maintain your system so it operates at maximum efficiency, saving you money and kilowatts on a 24/7 basis.

  • Understand government programs

    We leverage our years of rebate and incentive program experience and expertise to secure all available resources to maximize rebate funds from federal, state, county and city programs.

  • Confirm availability

    We eliminate guesswork. Having identified programs for which your commercial lighting project may be eligible, we calculate an estimate of your potential savings for budget purposes.

  • Pre-approval process

    Go Beyond Lighting manages every aspect of the tedious rebate application process, from pre-approval until you receive your rebate.

  • Utilize rebates in cost model

    We use state-of-the-art budget analysis software to apply your cost savings in the most efficient ways to maximize your rebate dollars and minimize your overall costs.

  • Obtain rebates

    We handle the government agency and utility reviews, deadlines, paperwork, and follow-up, so there’s no need for you to deal with files and formalities involved in obtaining your rebate funds.