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Audit Frequently Asked Questions
What does a lighting audit entail?

A lighting audit is a current state analysis of your facilities lighting solution.  The audit documents all light fixtures, current wattage usage, location, foot-candle readings and other essential indicators.

Why is a lighting audit necessary?

The lighting audit is a baseline for the energy savings model we’ll customize for your facility.

Who performs the audit?

Audits are performed by qualified, experienced Go Beyond Lighting representatives.

Do I need to prepare anything for our facility audit?

Yes. Go Beyond Lighting requires 12 months of prior utility bills and all the relevant building drawings that you have available.

Design & Analysis Frequently Asked Questions
How many foot-candles do we require?

Go Beyond Lighting will meet with your facility stakeholders to determine the required foot-candle levels. Depending on the type and scope of facility, different design aspects may be emphasized for safety or practicality (i.e. such as maintaining uniform light levels, avoiding glare or highlighting certain areas).

What is a Photometric Lighting Plan?

Photometric Lighting Plans are software models used to determine the amount of light the new lighting solution will deliver.  Go Beyond Lighting uses specialized software to create these, which typically combine the use of  two-dimensional digital CAD drawings and lighting calculation software.

How much light will each fixture provide?

All of the fixtures Go Beyond Lighting uses have gone through comprehensive in situ testing. This procedure results in a digital lighting file used in our lighting calculation software.

Can we increase or decrease lighting levels in the model?

Yes. Go Beyond Lighting will work with you to create a model that emphasizes both energy savings and lighting requirements.

Does GBL provide an energy savings analysis?

Absolutely.  Our energy saving analysis includes a detailed review of the new lighting solution to compare to your current status.

Payment Model Frequently Asked Questions
What does LaaS stand for?

Lighting as a Service is a unique model, which means a comprehensive turnkey solution rather than a complicated supply chain of many vendors.

How is LaaS different from financing?

Much like a cell phone service or software license, GBL customers pay for the material as a service and do not own the equipment during the service term.

How do you pay for LaaS?

Similar to Software as a Service (as in Salesforce.com, Office 365, etc.), our customers pay a monthly fee for the use of their new lighting solution.

How long is an average term?

Depending on the goals of the project these terms can range from 3-7 years. We’ll help you determine the right terms for your objectives.

What happens at the end of the service term?

Go Beyond Lighting offers numerous end-of-term options. Our customers can extend the contract at new rates, renew the contract utilizing new lighting technology, or make use of another option.

Why would someone use LaaS instead of just buying the lights themselves?

Good question! The number one reason lighting projects do not get approved is up-front capital requirement. Instead, a LaaS model allows customers to benefit from energy savings via a low monthly service fee.

Can I keep the LaaS off-balance sheet?

Yes. Go Beyond Lighting’s LaaS model is designed for off-balance sheet treatment by a conservative accountant assessment. Certain elements may affect this treatment, such as pricing based on capacity testing and Monitoring and Verification.

Does GBL offer alternative financing to the LaaS model?

Yes. Go Beyond Lighting also offers capital leases and cash purchase.

Manufacturing Frequently Asked Questions
Where does Go Beyond Lighting source their fixtures?

Go Beyond Lighting has very strong partnerships with numerous high quality LED Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Can Go Beyond Lighting produce customized fixtures?

GBL does not produce fixtures. However, we work closely with sister manufacturing companies to bring excellent, readily available, flexible, and customized LED fixture solutions to our customers.

Why is it important to have numerous lighting relationships?

Lighting vendors have different specializations. One vendor might have a best-in-class warehouse solution while another excels in office products. Due to the rapidly changing LED industry, it is important that Go Beyond Lighting is involved in identifying the right partner for your lighting system design.

Installation & Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions
Where can GBL provide installation and maintenance?

Go Beyond Lighting can provide these services throughout all 50 states in the USA.

Will the installation impact my manufacturing process?

Go Beyond Lighting understands the importance of not disrupting operations. We work with all facility stakeholders to minimize, if not completely eliminate, any downtime for our customers.

How does GBL maintain quality installation and maintenance services?

Our Six Sigma trained project teams work with our nationwide network of field service partners to adopt a data-driven approach to measuring, managing and improving project performance and cost control.

In the LaaS model, I don't own the lights. So who is responsible for the maintenance?

The monthly service fee includes use of the lighting equipment as well as all of the ongoing maintenance.

Rebates Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between a rebate and an incentive?

A rebate is like cash back, provided to commercial customers who purchase and install energy-saving, high-efficiency lighting. Certain requirements must be met as set forth by local/federal agencies or utility providers. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, an incentive typically refers to upfront funds that may influence a customer to upgrade to the best performing equipment over cheaper, standard equipment.

Why do rebates and incentives exist?

The overall goal is to eliminate immediate cash concerns for businesses while promoting the installation of more efficient systems on the energy grid for the benefit of all. Resources from utility ratepayers are pooled together and redistributed in the form of rebates and incentives.

What services does Go Beyond Lighting provide?

Please see our Rebates section for more details on our program to maximize your rebates and reduce your project cost.

What is your fee structure for rebates and incentives?

Go Beyond Lighting offers a unique, customized, and all-inclusive turnkey solution for commercial facilities. We install, manage, and maintain innovative lighting equipment to build cost efficient solutions and sustainable lighting environments while providing financial benefits.

How long will it take for me to get my rebate?

The refund timeline varies by provider and program. We identify utility rebates and incentives for every type of energy efficiency measure available to our customers in all 50 states. Go Beyond Lighting will indicate the timing for every program your business qualifies, complete the paperwork ahead of deadline, and promptly secure your funds.  

What type of projects do you cover?

Go Beyond Lighting specializes in new and existing large-scale manufacturing facilities, with more than 70 years experience in our specialty, the automotive supply chain.

What are the benefits when we use you?

We will save you kilowatts and dollars by making the tedious rebate and incentive process both easy and profitable for you. We leverage our years of rebate and incentive program experience, relationships, filing and negotiation expertise and access to in-house and program resources to maximize rebate monies. Our three-step review process means no surprises — you can accurately budget, fully assured that you’re leaving no funding opportunity on the table.

How will rebates impact production or construction?

As project managers, Go Beyond Lighting shares your goal of zero down time. While rebate and incentive programs have qualifying guidelines around pre-approval and application timing, we will expertly guide you through this process.

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