Talking to Your CFO About Lighting Upgrades

October 3, 2016

Is it your job to convince the CFO that a lighting upgrade is a worthwhile investment for your facility? Marrying two sets of goals — the most efficient building management and operations with maintaining revenue, controlling costs, and protecting profits — makes an LED upgrade a winning solution.

Outdated lighting systems are a drag on the profit and loss statement, and financial incentives for LED upgrades are available, so the time is ripe to revisit energy improvements. In a Department of Energy report released in September 2016, experts predict that LED installations in the nation’s commercial sector will grow by 10 percent increase year-on-year.

A Lighting Audit Illuminates the Way Forward

Pointing out the specific benefits for your large-scale facility is essential for obtaining approval for a capital improvement. If you’re considering an LED upgrade, Go Beyond Lighting experts will conduct step one: an onsite audit to provide you with all the details for a comprehensive overview of current and post-upgrade requirements.

Why An LED Upgrade Makes Good Financial Sense

In addition to an increased facility capital value, delivering to the bottom line is always top of mind for the CFO. Here are five compelling reasons why energy efficient lighting projects are penetrating the commercial market so effectively, as well as links to read more about each point.

An LED retrofit unlocks:

  1. Free money in the form of incentives and rebates
  2. A reduction in your operating budget
  3. Quantifiable savings measured in a meaningful ROI
  4. A decrease in energy demand
  5. Lower labor and maintenance costs

An LED retrofit produces these additional benefits:

  1. Lighting energy savings of 50 percent to 90 percent
  2. Lamps that last for 60,000 hours, or 7-10 years, depending on hours of operation
  3. Lamps that generate less heat, reducing cooling system needs
  4. Improvement in the overall light quality and security of the property
  5. High performance, new generation, ecologically sound lighting systems.
Getting the Green Light for Upgrading Fluorescent to LED

Go Beyond Lighting is the nation’s lighting innovation leader for large-scale facilities, with a unique, turnkey Lighting as a Service (LaaS) solution that requires no production downtime. Call us to learn more and to ask about a professional lighting audit at your facility.

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