Save on Lighting Costs with Go Beyond Lighting

December 20, 2017

When you manage an industrial workspace, one of your biggest concerns is lighting that space. Industrial lighting can be difficult to install and, worse, very expensive. According to the EPA, lighting accounts for an average of 35 percent of a building’s total expenses. At Go Beyond Lighting, we have funding options that make industrial lighting more cost-effective and accessible to a wider range of companies. Here’s how you save:


Energy Savings

At Go Beyond Lighting, we deal exclusively in LED lights. According to the US Department of Energy, LEDs use 25-80 percent less energy than incandescent lighting, so you’ll immediately see a decrease in electricity costs as soon as the installation is complete. Light bulbs that last longer cut down on costs associated with frequent replacement, too. Go Beyond’s process begins with a thorough assessment of your current lighting system, and an evaluation of how LEDs can be implemented into your industrial space.


Save on Lighting Upkeep

Go Beyond Lighting offers a service plan that keeps service at the forefront. This plan treats lighting like you would a lease agreement, with companies paying for lighting for a period of three to seven years, and Go Beyond Lighting ensures maintenance and upkeep during that time period. This eliminates the need for other vendors or suppliers during this time, because we take care of it all! At the end of the agreement, there are many renegotiation and end-of-service options that will be attractive to your business.


No Money Upfront

Unlike many other lighting companies, Go Beyond Lighting does not require any capital upfront. One of the most attractive parts of doing business with us is that we require no down payment or initial investment. Your company is getting a premium LED retrofit lighting upgrade, without shelling out large sums of money. Go Beyond Lighting works with you to find unique lighting and funding solutions for your company’s space, and at the end of the term you can expect zero closing costs.

The cost-effectiveness of LEDs is irrefutable. Convincing your C-suite to upgrade to LED lighting retrofit is simple with the benefits we offer! The power of LED retrofits combined with Go Beyond’s unique payment plan offerings, makes switching to Go Beyond Lighting an invaluable financial move for anyone responsible for lighting an industrial space. Don’t let your business get left behind; equip your space with the newest technology and reap the rewards.

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