Parking Garage LED Retrofits

November 15, 2016

Hospitals, colleges, commuter train stations, shopping malls, sports venues, and industrial parks are among the parking garages from coast-to-coast benefiting from an LED retrofit that saves money and increases safety for everyone.

LED Retrofits Brighten Up Parking Garages

After night classes or evening football games at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, there are no more shadowy dark corners to navigate in the South Lot. Near the nation’s capital at Reston Hospital in Virginia, an LED upgrade has vastly improved visibility for both indoor and outdoor parking facilities as well as the access via stairwells.

LEDs Deliver Safety, Efficiency, Savings

Lighting plays a vital role in consumer safety, beginning and ending with the parking garage. In addition to an improved user experience, LEDs are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly, while lowering power consumption, saving money, and delivering security to those moving to and from their vehicles.

In Albuquerque, UNM executives indicated to the local television news that “both energy and cost have been reduced by 50 percent. At Reston Hospital Center, the new LED lighting can be programmed from full brightness down to 10 percent, according to natural daylight.

And at the Metro commuter stations around Washington, D.C., some 25 parking garages with 66,000 spaces have 13,000 new high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures producing better light with less energy at a savings of $600,000 annually on maintenance and labor alone.

LED Financing for Parking Garages

Go Beyond Lighting specializes in large scale LED upgrades, from a warehouse lighting retrofit to manufacturing facilities to parking garages. Our comprehensive  Lighting as a Service turnkey approach includes a full audit which also outlines LED financing opportunities.

More than two-thirds of the $180,000 LED upgrade at the University of New Mexico was financed by the state. Utility rebates kicked in to underwrite the move to LED lighting at the Virginia hospital, which projects a payback within 2.5 years from installation. And at the Metro parking garages, the massive LED retrofit project was funded entirely through the $2 million in energy and maintenance savings annually.