Medium and Large Grocery Stores Benefit from an LED Upgrade

March 6, 2017

Every illuminated area in a supermarket — from the parking lot to cold storage facilities and from ¬†produce display to checkout — will contribute to cost savings and energy efficiency following an upgrade fluorescent to LED. Management can begin with an on-site audit to establish savings parameters that kick in from day one following installation.

While an LED retrofit significantly improves the bottom line for every size grocery store, Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is laying the groundwork for advancements in larger supermarkets and chains. Because new generation light bulbs can beam data at a speed of more than 10 gigabits per second, electronics engineers are exploring Li-Fi to replace Wi-Fi. In an exciting development for the coming decade, the advantages of an LED upgrade will have implications for personalized customer service and inventory tracking in even the largest of supermarkets.

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