From LED Upgrade to Smart Lighting

January 10, 2017

Environmental sustainability in lighting has enormous potential to reduce global energy consumption, estimated to increase 40 percent by 2035, according to the US Department of Energy. As lighting accounts for approximately one quarter of the world’s electricity use, the more broadly we develop and deploy intelligent lighting, the better we serve our planet.  

Warehouse lighting retrofit

Initially, local and federal incentives for LED financing are designed to support commercial facilities as they upgrade fluorescent to LED. The next steps involve Lighting as a Service (LaaS), lighting fixtures that can reduce consumption without affecting quality. Custom-tailored lighting programs that predict and adjust according to need will minimize wasted energy and significantly cut energy use. Smart lighting can make a significant impact on a building’s maintenance budget.

See tomorrow now

The era of smart lighting has already launched, beginning with the triumph of LED vs fluorescent shop lights. As reported in TechCrunch, “The bundle of components required to make a light fixture capable of sensing its environment, acting on that information and sharing it with others has dropped in price — even more precipitously than have the LED devices themselves.”

A shining example

In the nation’s capital, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority signed a 10-year contract in 2013 with Philips Electronics for a zero-cost sustainability project to benefit 66,000 daily commuters. In 25 parking facilities, new high-efficiency, smart LED upgraded lighting fixtures will automatically respond to motion and ambient light from the sun to create a brighter environment, use less electricity, and lower costs — all funded via $2 million produced as energy and maintenance annual savings.

Lighting as a Service

At Go Beyond Lighting, we focus on commercial facilities and warehouse LED retrofits. When thousands of square feet in varying conditions and with a range of functions are considered, Lighting as a Service (LaaS) provides smarter solutions that are both customizable and cost effective.

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