LED Upgrade: Project Funding Options

October 12, 2017

By now it’s likely you’ve heard many of the reasons why an efficient LED upgrade is both environmentally and fiscally sound. From intelligent lighting to minimal wasted energy and from an impressive ROI to short payback periods, an LED retrofit reduces consumption while improving quality.   

Unlock Your Savings

Because lighting can account for up to 35 percent of a building’s total energy load, an LED Upgrade represents an opportunity for significant savings in every large scale warehouse and manufacturing facility that hasn’t yet made the switch. Every year, thousands of commercial building owners take that opportunity, making capital investments to eliminate lighting system inefficiency and reduce operating expenses.

Good News on LED Financing

If LED retrofit financing has been holding you back, there’s good news on the strategic front as well. Because the right payment structure is key to helping your business achieve its energy goals, Go Beyond Lighting delivers easy efficiency solutions for energy conservation, bottom line savings, and state-of-the-art Lighting as a Service.

Financing Lighting Improvements

There’s no need to wait because there’s no upfront capital outlay. Furthermore, your your energy savings are used to finance the project. When you upgrade fluorescent to LED with an Efficiency Made Easy® solution, your ability to fund your project now has the following benefits:

  • Put zero capital upfront
  • Reserve cash to invest in your core business
  • Protect the capital budget
  • Get flexible contract terms spread over 3 to 5 years
  • See lighting upgrade as a separate line item
  • Achieve cost savings through lower energy consumption
  • Meet monthly financing payments with monthly energy savings  
  • Reduce your facility’s carbon footprint
  • Watch load profile improvements become effective immediately upon installation
  • Delay EME payments up to 24 months if a customer is under contract with another competitive power supplier
Flick the Switch

We’re eager to demonstrate how you can overcome the main obstacle for getting overdue energy management projects quickly underway. At Go Beyond Lighting, we work hand-in-hand with owners and managers, guiding project after successful project. We’ll provide detail on the Lighting as a Solution funding solutions that work best for you. Importantly, we’ll show you how the latest LaaS turnkey systems mean zero downtime.
Please contact us today to discuss funding options if financing concerns have been responsible for delaying an LED upgrade at your facility.