Go Beyond Lighting Offers Flexible Payment Model

August 26, 2016

You can benefit from Go Beyond Lighting’s innovative Lighting as a Service (LaaS) solution, providing flexible financing options to support your facility’s energy efficient upgrade. Investing in new LED lighting installations is a smart decision, and a turnkey solution will realize maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Turnkey Solution Saves Time and Money

Federal, state and municipal programs assist with the cost of implementing new LED lighting to meet tighter emission standards that are good for the planet. In addition, various private sector incentives and rebates support large scale projects. Go Beyond Lighting offers integrated financing for our customers and ties all these elements together in a unique LaaS turnkey solution with full project management.

Let’s take a closer look at on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet options for saving dollars while you’re saving kilowatts:

Option: On-Balance Sheet

When a lease or loan obligation is treated as an asset, it becomes a short- or long-term liability on your company’s balance sheet. Future investors will consider the on-balance sheet when assessing your company’s debt-to-equity and leverage ratios. If your company has high debt levels, financing that appears on a balance sheet could raise debt-equity ratios and potentially limit your near-term access to capital.

Option: Off-Balance Sheet

Financing that appears as a footnote on an income statement, not on the company’s list of liabilities, is known as off-balance sheet. Leasing your equipment, rather than owning it, offers this option by which payments are made from your operating budget. A company can preserve lower debt-to-equity and leverage ratios, keeping interest rates low and improving future access to capital.

Eliminate Upfront Costs

Avoiding upfront expenditures with a solution that creates positive cash flow from day one allows you to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency projects. Investing in efficient energy installations is a smart decision, and Go Beyond Lighting can provide a customized, smart financial model to suit your needs.