Go Beyond Lighting Has Great News For CFOs

August 30, 2016

When it comes to LED financing options for your major warehouse lighting retrofit, it’s actually all great news. With Go Beyond Lighting’s LED retrofit financing, you get reliability and longevity as well as maximum savings in both energy and maintenance for the long term.

Upgrade Fluorescent to LED

We all know that the waste caused by inefficient lighting systems negatively impacts your bottom line with increased energy costs, decrease in employee productivity, ongoing repairs and maintenance expenses, and potential employee safety issues.  We know that an LED upgrade for a large facility is an expensive project. And, we also understand that upfront capital investments can play havoc with budgets and can be a nightmare to push through the approval process.  Therefore, LED upgrades can get stuck in the planning stages, never getting implemented, creating a cycle of continuous overspending.

Upgrade LED: Here’s the Great News

The great news is that an upfront spend is unnecessary because the savings from efficient LED upgrade lighting solutions are so significant that they’re actually cash flow positive – including financing – within a payback period that will exceed corporate guidelines. A self-funding project presents a unique opportunity to re-allocate your current energy expenses.

Upgrade LED: More Great News

Go Beyond Lighting is an integrated LED lighting solutions provider. Our turnkey Lighting as a Service model means that you’ll have a single point of contact from audit to maintenance.

Beginning with an energy efficiency audit, we’ll put every one of your dollars to work for you, including rebates and incentives.

Concerns about down time? More great news…We’ll show you how that’s minimized — or altogether eliminated.

Upgrade LED: It’s a Win-Win

Our sustainable lighting solutions decrease your overall energy consumption and your facility’s carbon footprint, shining a light on a sustainable win-win. Read more about Go Beyond Lighting’s balance sheet financial reporting options in our post on flexible financing (link). No capital expenses means your warehouse lighting retrofit project can get the green light — and the planet can get greener as a result.