What Can a Rebate Do For Our Company?

October 12, 2016

It’s a win-win! Go Beyond Lighting does all the research and paperwork so customers can obtain the most attractive rebates for an LED facility retrofit. We can identify utility rebates and incentives for every type of energy efficiency measure in all 50 states. We will identify all LED incentive and rebate programs available to reduce your total project costs.

What Can LED Financing Do For Me?

The goal of rebates is to reduce the overall cost of the upgrade from fluorescent to LED, a far more efficient system on the energy grid. Over time, such systems will draw less energy, providing increased supply through less demand.

What LED Retrofit Rebates Can I Get?

It’s a three-part process that begins with an on-site audit as the first step in our unique Lighting as a Service (LaaS). With savings identified and budget in hand, surprises are eliminated. Once the estimate for your LED project is complete, our team at Go Beyond Lighting ensures that deadlines are met for orders, installation, and paperwork. Once the comprehensive filing is complete, we follow up to capture every penny to which you’re entitled.

Where Does the LED Rebate Come From?

A rebate is a monetary reward from utility companies, given to customers for purchasing and installing high efficiency equipment for an LED retrofit. You’ll save significant dollars on your LED upgrade while saving energy every day, beginning with the very first day of your new LED vs fluorescent shop lights.

Questions? Talk to us. Go Beyond Lighting is an expert in the implementation of Lighting as a Service  for state-of-the art LED facilities.  

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