Business Benefits From Our LED Retrofit End-To-End Solutions

December 6, 2017



At Go Beyond Lighting, our team serves as your resource to help implement comprehensive, smarter LED lighting solutions that are tailored to your organization’s needs – all without interrupting a single day of operation.

From start to finish, we’ll work closely with you to manage all aspects of your LED lighting upgrade including facility audits, design and analysis, funding options, manufacturing, project installation, and local utility rebate acquisitions. Most importantly, Go Beyond Lighting will provide your facility with smarter solutions that are both customizable and cost effective.

How does it work?

We implement an agile model for project execution whereby many of our services run in parallel to achieve quick project turnaround. Our team executes the following:

Facility audit

A professional review of your current commercial lighting environment reveals where cost-effective changes can be made. We will analyze everything from fixture quantities and locations to mounting heights and wattages to ensure we meet the ideal energy efficiency measures for your facility, all while maximizing energy savings.

Advantages of working with GBL

  • Discover ideal energy efficiency and savings for your facility
  • Maximize ROI
  • No money upfront required

Design and analysis

Our objective is to customize a solution that optimizes energy savings, improved light levels and your overall workplace environment.

Advantages of working with GBL

  • State-of-the-art software capabilities
  • Lower total project costs
  • Expert recommendations  

Funding options

We have many funding options that are specifically designed to maximize energy savings and efficiencies around LED lighting solutions for your facility. All you have to do is choose a plan that fits your economic objectives with the option of no upfront costs. 

Advantages of working with GBL

  • No upfront costs
  • No need for additional suppliers
  • Easy approval process


We produce best-in-class fixtures for industrial applications by leveraging customer requirements and the latest technology. As a part of your customized manufacturing experience, we ensure a tailor-made solution and exceptional customer service.

Advantages of working with GBL

  • In-depth industry knowledge and vendor relationships
  • Economy of scale
  • Tailor-made solutions

Project installation

At Go Beyond Lighting, we are dedicated to partnering with industrial facilities and we have a national network of certified electricians specializing in LED technology in order to enhance efficiency without interrupting your productivity.

Advantages of working with GBL

  • Zero downtime during installation
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Minimize risks and disruptions

Local utility rebate acquisition

We identify and secure local utility and state rebates available to our customers in all 50 states and optimize federal tax incentives.

Advantages of working with GBL

  • Reduce total project costs
  • Maximize rebate dollars
  • Zero paperwork

Combining state-of-the-art lighting technologies and extensive knowledge of all aspects of this industry, our turnkey solutions can optimize your energy savings, increase your light levels and have minimal disruption to your business. At Go Beyond Lighting, we work hand-in-hand with owners and managers, guiding project after successful project.  We’ll provide detail on the funding solutions that work best for you. Most importantly, we’ll show you how the latest turnkey systems mean zero downtime.

If you think our services might be the right fit for your facility, feel free to contact us for further information, or give us a call at (888) 362-9140.

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