10 Benefits of a Single Vendor

September 28, 2016

Go Beyond Lighting presents a customized LaaS package to streamline your outsourcing requirements. The benefits of having a single, expert, highly specialized vendor for your LED upgrade and ongoing lighting needs is a big advantage for a large manufacturing business because it saves on administrative overhead, time and money to deliver a better return on investment.

Go Beyond Lighting is the only leading lighting partner to provide you with a single point of contact for the design, financing, installation, maintenance, monitoring and responsive performance adjustments of your warehouse LED retrofit.

Go Beyond Lighting’s unique Lighting as a Service (LaaS) strategy simplifies everything. We truly believe in the value of vendor consolidation in the 21st century and our customers agree. They achieve significant savings for their LED upgrade through consolidation strategies in a number of important ways:

  1. Cost Savings
    LED financing allows your dollars to work harder by focusing staff on revenue-generating tasks rather than the management of multiple vendor contracts.
  2. Superior Product
    While some single vendor solutions might offer reduced product lines, Go Beyond Lighting works with the full range of top quality, UL approved fixtures.
  3. Time Savings
    Our unique LaaS turnkey solution covers assessment, financing, ordering,delivery, installation, and maintenance.
  4. More Buying Power
    Get more for less. Economies of scale dictate more purchasing power with a single vendor because of our relationships and history with the best products.
  5. Less Administrative Needs
    With a single vendor solution, multiple vendor calls, emails, meetings, paperwork and contract negotiations are a thing of the past.
  6. Less Training Needs
    We understand your need to upgrade fluorescent to LED. We make certain your people fully understand the functionality of products and equipment which are delivered as part of your warehouse LED retrofit.  Overlap and confusion in the supply chain is eliminated.
  7. Deeper Understanding
    Easier and faster relationships form. A single, familiar interface increases trust and productivity from the C-suite to the production line.
  8. Less Risk
    No work duplication between different products. Multiple vendors and products can require patchwork solutions, even bandaid  solutions on occasion. Single vendor opportunities are designed to mitigate risk.
  9. Better Maintenance
    Streamlined Lighting as a Service means that one support desk provides prompt service on a top priority basis, no matter what’s needed to keep your LED retrofit performing to perfection.
  10. Improved Return on Investment
    See immediate and significant ROI improvements across every department when Go Beyond Lighting manages your warehouse lighting retrofit LED upgrade from A to Z.
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